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As a county appointed arbitrator in multiple jurisdictions, Tom Lether often serves as an arbitrator, discovery master, and special master in a number of civil cases. He is also active as a private arbitrator in a number of complex disputes.

With new rules increasing the jurisdictional limit for mandatory arbitration, Tom Lether’s arbitration practice has steadily increased. He is comfortable in informal arbitration, multi-panel arbitration, and formal judicial arbitration processes.

He has also been appointed as an appraiser and/or arbitrator in a number of disputes wherein arbitration or appraisal is required under policies of insurance. This includes acting as an appraiser and umpire in first-party property appraisals, and as an arbitrator in disputes arising out of arbitration provisions in automobile policies. Tom Lether spends his time carefully reviewing the information that is provided to him as an arbitrator or appraiser. He also takes the time to render a thorough and comprehensive opinion that provides guidance and an explanation to the parties for the basis of the decision.

“Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an arbitration result and knowing the basis for the arbitrator’s decision. Without understanding the basis, how can an attorney provide guidance to his client as to whether or not to contest the ruling?”

By providing a thorough explanation and analysis for the basis for his decision, Tom Lether avoids this frustration. Moreover, his decisions are based upon the law and facts that are presented as opposed to a “split the baby” approach.

“Parties are more and more cautious about going to arbitration because all they receive is some unexplained middle of the road result which does not relate to any evidence presented.”

Parties who utilize Tom Lether as an arbitrator or appraiser will know the basis of the decision. That decision will be based upon the facts and the law.